Navigating the “Business Casual” dress code

business casual
Modern times have brought a dress code often called business casual . This dress can vary greatly from industry to industry, location to location and company. Here are some tips to help you make sure you do not over or under dress the next time you have to dress in a casual style business.

What To Wear Pants

business casual means jeans almost never. Usually khaki pants are pressed and made of high quality material are the best choice. Cotton, wool, gabardine and twill are choices of suitable materials. More fabric, usually the more polite and formal look. If you are afraid that the pants can be too casual, choose a version gabardine in a tailored cut. Pleated pants are often more “dressy” this flat forehead and you should almost always choose a straight leg cut.

What shirt to wear

No matter what shirt you choose, you should always choose one with a collar. Business casual means there is no need to tie, but you should never go as casual as wearing anything resembling a shirt. polo collar and crisp button ups are always a safe bet. Solid colors are the most classic look, but the impression such as checks and stripes are also acceptable. Always make sure and get the tail of the shirt into your pants.

What jacket Porter

Many times jackets are not needed with a casual business look, but they will never harm either if you choose the right one. Make sure you choose a sport coat and never a more formal jacket suit. Carefully pick up a jacket in a classic cut and a more casual fabric to not look over done. Make sure you choose a jacket with a pattern that is not loud or showy. Controls and dogtooth are popular choices, but if in doubt, always stick with a solid.

What accessories to wear

Always wear a belt. Forgetting the belt leaves the unfinished and sloppy appearance. Your belt should match your shoes and should be of high quality. If your belt begins to look worn or cracked, do not keep wear it with your business casual! Some men who actually like to wear ties can appropriately do so with casual firms, even if they are not needed. Be sure to choose a tie that is a more casual design, cut, and equipment. A great watch is an accessory to think. Make sure you wear a watch that matches your other accessories for a sophisticated casual look.

What Briefcase Carry

If you need to carry things in a casual event of business or office day, do not think you can hang out with your belongings in a backpack. briefcase in simple leather that match the color of your shoes and belt will be fine. If there are things you want to achieve that will not fit in a briefcase, choose a sports messenger bag style that coordinates with your outfit. Think of it as the male version of the purse of a woman and understand if you want to look put together, it must match the rest of your ensemble.